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SHARE Africa saves lives, fosters a sustainable future and vastly improves the quality of life of children and adults in African communities devastated by AIDS, other life threatening diseases and abject poverty. Learn more about us »

Project Spotlight

Bereavement and Grief Counseling to Address Emotional Needs of SHARE Africa's Orphans

Trainers and participants at the 2012 Bereavement counseling training in Mbita, Kenya.

Sharami Kerr and Eileen Schmidt, of United Hospice of Rockland, NY accompanied Dr. Jeff Karasik on a SHARE Africa sponsored and organized training program in Mbita, Kenya, a remote village on the shores of Lake Victoria with among the highest AIDS incidence in sub-Saharan Africa. The program answered a call from teachers and school principals for training in grief and bereavement counseling to enable them to better assist in the emotional needs of HIV orphaned children. Thirty teachers, principals, clergy, and social workers participated in the weeklong training conducted in February 2012.


A Gift of Hope to Orphans in Kenya

children playing soccer Children playing soccer with a new ball donated by the Red Bulls
KENYA: We were flying low over the plains from Nairobi on our way to Kisumu, Kenya. I looked down from the airplane at the vastness below, and wondered how many soccer fields would fit end-to-end across that mass of land. I might as well have also wondered how many players would be AIDS orphans.

Grief Help for Kenya's Children - Falling in Love with Kenyans

by Sharami Kerr, one of the Bereavement Counselors who traveled to Mbita, Kenya in March 2012 to provide grief training to help orphaned children deal with their loss.

Karibou=Welcome. The generosity and caring of the SHARE staff could not have been more welcoming and loving from the moment we landed in Kisumu. Ken is the finest driver I have ever seen. He would do great on the streets of NYC as he navigated the roads of Kenya. And Alphonse, Lucy and Cyprina could not have been more wonderful. We laughed and bounced our way from Kisimu toMbita and all of the way to Orore, where Brother Alphonse had a wonderful lunch awaiting us at the end of our trip.

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