SHARE volunteers, in collaboration with three local instructors who
were formerly trained by SHARE, lead the EMS training in basic life
support, advanced cardiac life support, pediatric advanced life
support, and prehospital trauma life support for more than 42
Individuals representing 12 districts. During break out sessions,
trainees were able to gain hands-on practice to mock situations. This approach allowed participants to retain and refine skills from the training. Participants agreed that they would certainly bring their knowledge to their hospitals and train other clinicians while on the job.

Concurrently, a Disaster Preparedness class was held for 36
individuals representing the hospital management team, the Red Cross, police, fire and Kenya Medical Training Center from within Thika and the surrounding districts. Over the course of the training, participants worked together to strategically consider disaster management plans for Thika. Using Thika as the proxy for other towns and districts, participants identified gaps and generated ideas for next steps. In addition to the valuable knowledge gained through the training, participants collaborated and motivated each other to begin addressing needs and implementing recommendations. The commitment demonstrated by the group will help to foster the training’s sustainability.

The needs of the groups included equipment acquisition and
maintenance, the development of a sustainable training center, and education programs for the public in prehospital handling of
emergencies. SHARE is currently working on meeting those needs through collaboration, technology, gathering of equipment, and development of a training institute.

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