Vision Care Program – 2016 Macauley Foundation Grant

In mid 2016, the Macauley Foundation awarded $12,000 to SHARE to be used for the Vision Care Program.

In 2016, thanks to the Macauley Foundation, we launched a brand new and much needed Vision care program. A team of two vision care providers, led by Dr. Neel Vyas from Toronto, Canada, spent 8 days in Kenya and paid for their own travel costs.

We spent $10,000 for basic vision care medical equipment in addition to some donated equipment. Dr. Neel Vyas has had immense experience in providing such services in South America and was therefore able to help SHARE in all the details of providing vision care services as well as corrective glasses for our orphans and community members. Without the medical equipment, this trip could not have been possible. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude.

In the 8 days, they spent in Mbita, Kenya, more than 400 people were examined. After all the orphans were examined, SHARE was able to open up the ”Eye Clinic” to the community, which was most appreciated. Almost all the community residents examined received reading glasses ( thanks to a donation of 600 pairs of glasses we carried there). For the children who received prescriptions for corrective glasses, Dr. Neel Vyas was able to fill the prescriptions in Canada and each child received his or her own glasses, in time for the new school term.

Unfortunately, Dr. Vyas also diagnosed several potential glaucoma cases, including a few of our orphans. A diagnosis of glaucoma was confirmed for two of our orphan girls ( sisters) and we have arranged for them to receive the necessary medications. Without the SHARE Vision Care program, these two children would have faced a future of certain blindness, a horrific future for two orphaned girls. Thanks to you, were able to avert this.

Judging by the immense success of this First SHARE Vision Care Program, and the long lines of community members who were not able to get the examinations, we plan to continue this program in 2017 and in fact, Dr. Vyas has committed to going there again in December 2017. The Medical equipment is currently stored in an appropriate place in Mbita and will be used at the next trip. Also, Dr. Vyas trained a nurse in basic vision control measurements and the nurse should be able to use some of the equipment left behind in Kenya.

With his considerable experience doing similar work in Mexico and Equador, Dr. Vyas recognized the tremendous need that exists in this part of Kenya and has recommended a purchase of additional equipment in 2017, that would benefit the orphans and the community. We look forward to continuing this Program! Thank you for your support!

Respectfully submitted by:

Usha Wright

March, 2017

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