Help Us Mark This 30th Anniversary!

Over three decades ago, Dr. Martha “Bobby” MacGuffie, a revered local surgeon and hero to so many Rockland County families, faced a tragedy that could have flattened nearly any human being: the death of her two young sons, due to blood transfusions that infected them with AIDS. In the wake of this horror, Dr. MacGuffie traveled to Africa, hoping that the comfort she found in animals might help her heal.

What she found in Kenya’s Homa Bay County—a remote region burdened by abject poverty, lack of health care and social-support infrastructure—was another nightmare. Nearly 45% of all area adults suffered from the same disease that killed her own children. The deaths of these adults left thousands of children homeless and hopeless, waiting for help.

But Dr. MacGuffie took her grief and turned it into hope, creating SHARE Africa, an organization that—thirty years on—still saves lives, fosters a sustainable future and vastly improves the quality of life for hundreds of Homa Bay children and families.

Sadly, Dr. MacGuffie is gone, passing in 2011–but her work lives on. She made a difference—now you can, too! If you can help, please donate to SHARE Africa’s Thirtieth Anniversary Fund!

The children are waiting…


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