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Over 40 orphaned children need your help.

For just $1.78 a day – or $650 a year – you or a group of your friends together can make a life-changing difference to a child through the SHARE Orphan Sponsorship (SOS) program.

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Then, There Was Light!

We were driving somewhere between Mbita and Ruisinga with our Kenyan SHARE colleague, Cyprina, when she asked the driver to pull off the road in the direction of a small village. Approaching the village, we saw empty mud huts that were still standing, sprinkled unevenly around this beautiful Lake Victoria setting. It was clearly deserted from the ravages of malaria, AIDS, and poverty. Seven villagers still lived among these empty dwellings, and four of them came out to greet us.

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A Gift of Hope to Orphans in Kenya

by Jerry Warshaw

KENYA: We were flying low over the plains from Nairobi on our way to Kisumu, Kenya. I looked down from the airplane at the vastness below, and wondered how many soccer fields would fit end-to-end across that mass of land. I might as well have also wondered how many players would be AIDS orphans.

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