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[1924 – 2011]

Founder and President Emeritus, Board of Directors, SHARE

Dr. Martha MacGuffie was a humanitarian and a Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon. Every year, Dr. MacGuffie took time from her medical practice to visit one of the most remote areas of Kenya. This area has the highest death rate on earth and the children there are very susceptible to diseases such as A.I.D.S. Dr. MacGuffie established SHARE whose mission it is to improve the living conditions in this part of the world.

Dr. MacGuffie spent many years dealing with skin diseases and skin trauma. She chronicled the serious and sometimes deadly effects of the sun on the human body. She saw first hand how melanoma is showing up in younger and younger people. Based on this experience, Dr. MacGuffie formulated a family of skin care products specifically designed to address these problems.

Dr. MacGuffie used a substantial portion of proceeds from the sale of her skin care products to help fund SHARE and her participation in it. There was little focus on marketing the products and they were mainly distributed through Dr. MacGuffie’s Skin Care Clinic and a few nearby pharmacies.