Eulogy From President Usha Wright – Mama Cyprina Akeyo Abonyo

Cyprina Abonyo January 31, 2020

It was some 20 years ago that I met Cyprina while traveling with Dr. Bobby MacGuffie to Mbita. Cyprina’s unanimous reputation among all Americans who had met her was that she was the Soul of the SHARE organization and that was immediately obvious to me when we met. I was so impressed that she knew every child’s case number and the name of the sponsor including details on which sponsors communicated with the orphans. She in fact, thousands of miles away, in some way knew of our orphan sponsors’ interests and commitments better than we did in America! It is, therefore, no surprise that she was Mama Cyprina to all the children.

Over the years, as I came to Mbita more frequently, Cyprina, Alphonce, Lucy, Jerry Warshaw and I travelled together to all the schools, and along the way, we shared personal stories, expanded our impacts in the community and laughed a lot! I will always cherish Cyprina’s infectious laughter!

During these travels, Cyprina and I struck up a strong friendship and developed a remarkably candid and forthright relationship. I always could count on Cyprina to tell me what she knew and what she would do in a given situation. Little did I know that her remarkable insights and deep commitment to our common goal of educating the orphans will shape the future of our amazing SHARE organization. Cyprina was the shining hope that carried the organization and without her, there would be no Dr. Bobby Macguffie”s SHARE Programme, as it exists today!

With Cyprina and equally capable and committed colleagues, Alphonce and Lucy, we forged the new Dr. Bobby Macguffie’s SHARE Programme and raised it to a new height. Today, we have more children going to colleges and universities, more people receiving diverse and much needed medical care and have an excellent local Board of gifted people who Cyprina helped recruit. In fact, over the years, all of our American Board members, when returning from Mbita note how inspired they were by Cyprina and how very lucky we have been to know her.

So dear Cyprina, as you leave the earth to touch the face of God, please know that SHARE will continue to build on your wonderful legacy and carry on your work. On a personal note, dear friend, I will always hear your wonderful voice inspiring us to do more good. Rest in Peace.

With love and great affection, Usha and SHARE Board.

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