New York School Children Donate School Supplies to Orphans in Kenya

Sixth, seventh and eighth graders – classes 605, 705 and 805 – of the Pablo Casal Middle School (PS 181) in Co-op City in the Bronx, NY donated hundreds of dollars worth of school supplies to the SHARE orphans in Mbita, Kenya. They donated four 26 inch suitcases full of glue sticks, notebooks, pencil cases, glitter, tape, construction paper, staplers, stickers, erasers, paper clips, memo pads and coloring books and more – items that are a scarse commodity to the SHARE orphans. They even thought about the teachers and gave 20 boxes of chalk, just in case they didn’t have any in Mbita.

The school supplies, all 250 lbs. of them, were delivered to Kenya by Eileen Schmidt during her trip there to conduct Grief counseling training. Her daughter Catherine is a teacher of classes 605, 705 and 805 and was instrumental in this generous gift.

The school supplies were divided among the schools attended by SHARE orphans. Just how much do the school supplies mean to the children and educators in Kenya? Eileen provides an insight:

“Francis, a principal for a middle school in Mbita … was so overwhelmed and touched with the generosity of the Bronx students that he had tears in his eyes as he picked through the supplies that had been given to his school.”

In addition to donating school supplies, the students from of the Pablo Casal Middle School wrote 250 letters to the SHARE orphans in Kenya. The letters were hand delivered to Kenya by Eileen and distributed to the orphans there.

Thank you to Ms. Catherine and all the children of class 605, 705, and 805 of the Pablo Casal Middle School (PS 181) for their generosity and eagerness to help the less fortunate!!

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