This powerful poem, written by Jerry Warshaw, after a visit with a woman from Mbita, Kenya on April 1, 2018, highlights SHARE’s impact on her family and community. Please help SHARE continue this life saving work.

My Life

I was born when the locust was eating the crops, that’s as close as I can tell, a tough time to arrive in the world, no one rang a bell.

Married young,  

had eight offspring,

four boys, four girls

it is what life brings.

My husband passed

my memory fades,

so long ago,

he died of Aides.

My children wed

all of the eight

grandchildren arrived

so good to create.

I don’t know the word to

say what unfurls

My four boys died

And then the girls.

But most of the grandkids

live and thrive

because of SHARE

they will survive.