SHARE Africa February Newsletter

We want to thank all of you for your support which made 2023 a successful year. We have begun supporting some of our orphans through their first year in college, or through vocational school. If you read below, you will see just one example of the incredible difference we can make. Through the generosity of our supporters, we obtained pledges that permitted us to replace our 15-year-old Van used to transport students and for SHARE’s mobile medical services. SHARE’s water project was completed before the year end. We continue to provide aid to local medical facilities and of course, we also continue to support nearly 250 orphans through high school with food, clothing, education, and medical care. We have also begun to investigate the idea of micro financing, in order to assist our sponsored orphans in starting their own small businesses when they graduate. Once we determine the feasibility of such a program, we will provide more information.

Dr. Jeffrey Karasik, who serves as our medical director, again visited Kenya in December. Medical facilities and doctors are in short supply in Kenya. In fact, a recent study showed that while there are 35.6 doctors in the United States for every one thousand people in the population, that number falls to 2.3 doctors per thousand in Kenya, one of the lowest in the world. Jeff’s annual visits provide training for medical support staff, review of procedures and when he has seen deficiencies in specific equipment, SHARE has provided the new equipment which has saved lives.

This year Jeff again gave his seven-day course to thirty health care workers, Helping Babies Breathe/Helping Mothers Survive, which trains those assisting in childbirth to help newborns and their mothers. These relatively simple techniques have lowered the infant mortality rate and the mortality rate of women in childbirth in the area SHARE serves to among the lowest mortality rates in Kenya. Over the past eleven years Jeff has trained approximately three hundred workers in these techniques.

In addition, Jeff (1) oversaw ongoing efforts at identifying and treating depression in our youth and initiated a new program in cooperation with the Ministry of Health in preventing pregnancy and empowerment of teens to prevent gender based violence and exploitation, (2) visited approximately 20 of our children and their guardians in their homes, as school was not in session, (3) attended SHARE’s weekly mobile clinic, in which SHARE staff and community health workers travel to remote areas to address the healthcare needs of the community. (Remote locations and poor road conditions make it impossible for residents to travel and obtain needed healthcare) and (4) brought supplies needed for the mobile clinic and for the local hospital, generously donated by one of SHARE’s Board members, Dan Flannery. Jeff also visited a more traditional orphanage supported, in part, by SHARE, Double Joy Children’s Farm.  Jeff was accompanied by one of our donors, Victor Ozeri.

Board member, Rob Burns has begun supporting a young man, Brian, who was orphaned at the age of five. Brian graduated from SHARE’s sponsorship program and was assisted with his first year in university by Rob and Lynda Burns. Brian wants to study Microbiology. While communicating with Brian, Rob learned the remarkable story of three young orphans who had been assisted by SHARE. Brian’s oldest brother is studying medicine and his middle brother is studying education. All of them are in the University of Nairobi, which is the top University in Kenya. These remarkable stories have come about through the generosity of our orphan sponsors and other supporters.

If you can make additional contributions to assist the SHARE programs checks can be sent directly to SHARE Africa, P.O. Box 263, Nyack, NY 10960, or credit card payments can be made via PayPal using the link below. Please note, if you can send a check, SHARE pays a fee to PayPal and checks result in the full amount of your contribution being used for SHARE’s programs.


Thank you for your continued support!  It is because of you SHARE is able to continue the great work in Kenya.

Usha Wright

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