SHARE Africa November 2023 Newsletter


A big thank you to all our donors!!

It is at this time of year that we want to express our deep gratitude and thanks to our supporters for your generous and loyal support of SHARE Africa. We wish you and your families a blessed holiday season.

With your help we continue to support over 240 orphans in elementary and high school. In addition, with the programs we have instituted in the past year, we have begun to provide a number of our previously sponsored orphans with tuition assistance for university and vocational school.

Thank you again for making 2023 a successful year for SHARE programs.


The SHARE Annual Dinner and Golf Outing was held on September 18, 2023.

While we were all disappointed that the weather precluded holding the golf outing and related events, our golfers supported SHARE despite their disappointment. In addition, the dinner was highly successful, due to the generous support of those who attended.

This is SHARE’s most important fundraising event each year and the fundraising aspect of the event did not disappoint. Thank you to all our volunteers and supporters who helped to make this a successful fundraising event.


We previously reported that SHARE’s 15-year-old van must be replaced. We use this van to transport students to and from boarding schools multiple times a year and for SHARE’s mobile medical services to remote nearby areas.

During the Dinner on September 18th, we made a request for additional contributions to pay for the purchase and conversion of the Van. Our amazing supporters came through and within minutes had pledged sufficient funds to replace the Van.

Thank you again to those whose generosity has made this possible.


After several years of fund-raising, we are delighted to report that the Clean Water Project has come to a successful conclusion.

The project’s mission was always to bring sufficient clean water to our SHARE orphans, as well as those at the Double Joy Orphanage.

As you may recall, our SHARE Orphans go to Boarding Schools in their local areas and have guardian homes with relatives for when school is not in session. Double Joy however is a separate NGO established by Mary Hinze, from the UK, as a full orphanage. SHARE has a long-shared its heritage with Double Joy. Our founder, Dr. Bobbie McGuffey helped Mary establish the program and facilities over 25 years ago and SHARE continues to help support them with an extra stop there during our medical visits and other periodic support.

Early in the project we were able to provide the Uzima home water filters to some of our SHARE Orphan guardians and we are happy to report that all of our guardian homes now have these home filters in use ensuring clean water. They are protecting our orphans from serious illnesses like Typhoid and the continual dysentery bouts that often impact their daily lives.

As for Double Joy, they have been forced to purchase more water during the increasingly intense dry seasons in Kenya because their only on-site source of water is rainwater collection. This cost was an increasing burden to their operations and threatening their future.

We are delighted to announce that SHARE has successfully drilled a 150M Bore hole to create a water well for Double Joy so that they will now have more than enough water in the future. The well water pump is powered by newly installed solar panels which pull fresh water daily to a new overhead storage tank system for distribution throughout the orphanage.

This now successfully concludes our clean water project. Thanks to all those who donated and thanks to our Board member Brenda Reichelderfer for her untiring work in pushing this project to completion.


Each year we receive inquiries from Sponsors about giving gifts to their sponsored orphans around Christmas time. If you sponsor an orphan and would like to send gift money to your child, please send a check payable to SHARE with a note to SHARE Africa, P.O. Box 263, Nyack, NY 10960 (you can also make a payment using the link below, but SHARE pays a fee for credit card payments). We suggest that gifts should be in the $25 to $50 range, and we will arrange to have the gift money in your orphan’s account and take the child to shop for something appropriate.


As the yearend approaches, if you are thinking about making any additional charitable contributions, please keep SHARE in mind. SHARE has orphans who have lost sponsors for one reason or another and SHARE picks up the cost of continuing to sponsor those children out of general contributions. Plus, we have many other expenses related to the medical facilities, transportation and other needs of the children not fully covered by sponsorships. Our volunteer dentist, Dr. VJ Singh and his team will be going to Kenya in November and our medical director, Dr. Jeffrey Karasik will be going in December to provide healthcare services as well as much needed medications and follow-ups on the various programs they have instituted.  We remain incredibly grateful to all our volunteers!

If you are making any additional contributions at the end of the year, please put SHARE on your list. As always, a contribution in any amount is appreciated and will help.

Checks can be sent directly to SHARE Africa, P.O. Box 263, Nyack, NY 10960, or credit card payments can be made via PayPal using the link below.


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